Just for a change we decided to head for a pub - the Bridge at Stanford Bridge to be precise.  When I say "we" I meant the other idiots apart from myself.  Considering it's supposed to be Summer where were you all ?
    I set off Friday afternoon after spending the morning getting the trike MOT-ed and taxed.  The first snag hit me less than four miles from home.  With a horrible bang and a knocking that sounded suspiciously like a con rod letting go, the trike went onto three cylinders.
"Oh bugger"  I managed to get off the dual carriageway and onto a safer place to stop, but for some strange reason the engine had fired up on all four cylinders again.  Might as well press on - whatever it was seems to have gone.
    Seeing as the trike was running OK the weather decided to play me up, and down came the rain - serious rain.  Now 'cos it's Summer I didn't bother with waterproofs - I worked on the theory that whatever runs in from the top will eventually run out at the bottom, and run out it did.  I haven't been that wet for a long time, but due to the fairly high air temperature I wasn't that bothered - I  had a spare change of clothes and my wet stuff would soon dry out.
    By early evening I had set up camp and managed to change into something a little drier before Roy rolled up on his Metro trike.  The rest of the evening was spent happily drinking and rabbiting - as you do !

    Saturday morning saw a few more intrepid 'Shiners arrive, so after they set up camp we all headed off to Bromyard.  The trike was running a little rough, carburation wise, but I didn't let it spoil my ride out.

Roy and Sam test the delights of pork casserole - apparently.    

Of course, we had to stop for the odd pint on the way.  A jolly little pub we had been told about: The "Tally Ho" at Broadheath - a pity it was closed.  Never mind, there's always the "Lion and Rose" at Bromyard.
    Upon our return, even more Moonshiners and relations of Moonshiners had arrived, so we just sort of sat about lazily, which seems to be about the best thing to do on a warm Saturday afternoon.

An experiment in genetic engineering - pity the bugger slipped out of the chuck.

    Pictured above is "Gloria" -

    What more can I say ?

    Sunday saw us up bright and early, which must be a first as far as the 'Shiners are concerned.  Following a leisurely breakfast I headed  for home, with the trike still running rough.  Having got home I whipped the top off the carburettor, only to find the accelerator pump nozzle had taken the plunge and disappeared down the inlet tract.  That explained the "knocking and banging" earlier.  Luckily I don't think the valves or pistons have suffered too much damage.  Anyone got a spare Solex 34 pict carb. ?

Sod this - get me back to