Well - it wasn't exactly a 'Moonshiners weekend' - seeing as the 'Shiners were spread to the winds this weekend. Some of us were in Belgium, some in Holland, some in Ireland, some in Spain and some still at home. I can only account for the ones that made the epic journey over into Wales - Llwyngwril, to be precise.  This delightful little town lies on the coast road between Fairbourne and Tywyn and is ideal for that relaxing weekend.
     Saturday morning seemed typical bank holiday weather, raining and dull, but not at all cold.  Roy and myself decided to head for breakfast, and hope that the clouds had shifted by the time we were fed.  Indeed the clouds did shift, so by midday we were on the road - well - sort of on the road.  Kev and Firkin had already set off and  Roy was well under way by the time I had got back and loaded up.  The plan was to meet in Welshpool.  Needless to say, the plan failed.  The plan wasn't the only thing that failed.  My fuel pump decided that pumping fuel was too much like hard work and decided to have a rest.  This is the second or third time this has happened, and I still can't find out why.  I think a new fuel pump may be in order.
    Not to be outdone, I headed for Llwyngwril only to find Roy was there and waiting.

A couple of trikes lurking in darkest Wales.

Before long, Kev, Lil, young Kev and Firkin turned up.  In true 'Shiners fashion, we fed before taking a ride down into Fairbourne for a beer.  Having returned from Fairbourne, we parked up and walked to the "Garthangharad" - the local Banks's pub.

    Sunday's plan was to catch the train into Barmouth, following a leisurely breakfast.  Believe it or not, things went according to plan.  The trains were running a Sunday service, which meant leaving the site at half past two, and catching the next train back, which left Barmouth at half past seven.  Five hours is *more* than enough time to explore Barmouth and it's plethora of pubs.
    Upon our return, Kev produced a strange looking cigarette, which had been donated by someone he works with.  Funniest looking Woodbine I've ever seen !

Kev gets to grips with reality . . . . . almost. Somehow, I don't think it suits me.

We sat smoking this wonderful creation and admiring the sunset.

A grand view from the campsite.

    Monday saw us packed up and heading back via Tywyn, and on to Harry Tuffins's for dinner.  Thus ended yet another 'Moonshiners weekend'.

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