Engine and Tender

June 19th  -  2004

  Hmm - it looks like it's Ollie's birthday - so we promptly headed for the E and T, same as we did last year.  Now last year we happened to find the MZ riders club were having a bit of a bash the same weekend - this year it was the Harley Davidson Riders of Great Britain who were to be blessed with our presence - and a great bunch they were too.  Seems it was their "vintage" weekend, and quite a few older Harleys adorned the field.

I have a feeling this is Zak's bike.                                                  A 1958 Sportster - or at least I think that's what it is.

    It was a good job those Harley riders were lurking in the field - they ended up rescuing the "club gazebo" when it became airborne and took to roosting in the trees.  Thanks lads.

    Of course - in true Moonshiner fashion, despite all the bikes on the field, there was one thing that held our attention and fascinated us all weekend...............................a caterpillar nest.

Caterpillar central.

   Anyway - that's enough of my ramblings, besides, I've got things to do in the garage . . so, until the next time

"Have a good 'un"