Porlock - July 26th.  2002

    What a scorcher.  The hottest day of the year, and also the start of the "main weeks" industrial holidays.  Most of "our lot" had set off for Porlock around dinner time, I had to load up and brave the traffic at late tea time.

it even looks ugly by night.    

Remembering what the traffic was like last time I ventured down the M5, I decided to use the BRUB.  Yep - I do sometimes travel with only two wheels.  As it turned out, this was a wise move, the motorway was backed up solid from Bristol.  Despite being able to filter through, it still took nearly four hours to make the 150 mile trip.  Still, the tent was up and we were in the pub well before closing time. 

    Saturday's plan involved steam trains and giant hogweeds, though not necessarily combined.

Look out - it's behind you.    

Why do they call it " Giant Hogweed " ?  Take a look, that thing is big.  I wouldn't like to tangle with it.
    Having encountered the hogweed the next stop was the Somerset Steam Railway, which, in typical style, just happened to be running a diesel when we were there.  At least we managed to come back under the power of boiling water.
    The rest of the day was spent down at Porlock Weir just sitting by the sea and scoffing cheese.  Of course, no trip to Porlock would be complete without a run up the hill.  We rounded the evening off in the local pub - no surprise there then. 

Sadly, I had to be back at work Monday, so I packed up rather early, before the heat got too unbearable.  The rest of the 'Shiners were having a relaxing breakfast as I bid them farewell.
The journey back was a lot easier than the one down there.  I made good progress as far as Strensham services when I spotted a bike on the hard shoulder.  Being of the "old school" of biking, I never pass a stranded biker, so I halted the BRUB to see if I could  help.
Bloody typical - it just had to be a Moonshiner.

Oh Bugger !    

Yep - three of "our lot" had gone to the steam rally at Welland, and were returning when Kath's Ducati started suffering from fuel starvation and decided to go on strike.  The recovery services were on their way, so I stayed until they turned up ( would you miss a photo opportunity like this ? ) and the bike was loaded on board.  It seems that the fuel line underneath the tank had become squashed, so Kath's Duc. is now all happy again.  One of the other three who went to Welland decided to make a trip up to High Offley - all went well until he got to the A5 where his throttle cable snapped.  Not exactly a good weekend for the Moonshiners, eh lads ?  

As for myself - I had a great ride, both the BRUB and the trike behaved as they should.

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