Oh dear - what have we here ? Just move the ol' mouse over the piccies and give it a click.

It would seem the Freeola Fairy has destroyed all the images below - I don't have the orignals any longer.

Hold it right there. Thanks to the "wayback machine", and a bit of fiddling, I have got 'em all back.

Roy and Claude - the Slag Brothers - in the Bouldermobile Bod and Kev - The Gruesome Twosome - in the Creepy Coupe Prof. Bod Pending - in the Convert-a-Car Red Baron Nigel - in the Dudley Divebomber Sam 'Blubber' Bear and Archie - in the Power-Pram The Moonshine Mob - in Port 'N' Ale Pick up Sergant Alan and Kev - in the Stoke on Trent Army surplus special Kath Pitstop - in the putrid Pink Pussycat Roy Perfect - in the Turbo Teriffic Buzzsaw Buckley and Bod - in the Tiptonian Terror Wagon Archie 'custard beast' Dastardly and Mutley - in the Custard catcher