The Shropshire Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show & Auto jumble.

Sunday 28th March. 2004

    Any excuse to go and play on the trike - and this was as good a reason as any.  Although the sky remained grey throughout the day, at least it never rained, though it was a tad chilly most of the time.  I met up with fellow Moonshiner Andy at around quarter past ten, and off we went, taking the rather scenic route via Bridgnorth, then along "the longest road in the world" - it's not really all that long at 18 miles, it just seems like it sometimes.  A quick break for a cuppa at Craven Arms, then we did the final four miles or so to Wistanstow and the village hall.
    As per normal the bikes ranged from the immaculate, over restored stuff to the downright scrap value only stuff.  I reckon the asking price for a very rusty, incomplete Ariel Square Four was optimistic to say the least.  By contrast there was a 500 Enfield Bullet sidecar outfit with a for sale sign on it - 900 - which ain't a bad price for a usable combo. 

Buy a Bullet - get a free Watsonian chair                                                            It only needs a coat of paint.     

   a snip at 900                                                                             a bargain at only 2200  

    Speaking of rusty old scrap iron, who should turn up but Bruce on his trusty ( rusty ? ) old Norton.  Now Bruce is putting a rebuilt engine into this magnificent beast, which is probably a good thing considering the amount of smoke that was emanating from the engine.  To say the bike leaked oil would be an understatement, it not only leaked, but the oil formed into a rivulet and headed for the nearest drain.  When all's said and done, I'd rather see more bikes like Bruce's - used for what they were meant for, than all the shiny show bikes that cover most of their miles on the back of a trailer.


Bruce's smoking beast

    In all fairness, there were a good many very nice bikes which had been ridden to the show, which is one of the things that makes this particular event so popular.
    This Indian Enfield which had undergone a "green lane" makeover caught my eye - - hmmm, I just happen to have a "spare" Enfield in the garage.

Maybe they do clean green lanes just for this bike ?

a jolly green lane Bullet

    I true English village tradition we had to indulge in yet another cuppa before taking the even more scenic route back via Wenlock Edge, Much Wenlock and Bridgnorth again, where we pulled in at the local bikers cafe for even more coffee.
    The trike behaved itself, although a minor problem was spotted with the suspension bump stops on the rear end, but that's nothing that a bit of cutting and welding won't cure ( in fact I cured that little problem the next day - thanks to yet another club member, Ian. )

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