The Shropshire Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Show & Auto jumble.

Sunday 25th March.     2007

    Today's grand plan was to meet up with a few fellow Enfield riders at the Royal Oak, on the Bridgnorth road.  Taking into account the fact the clocks went forwards, we still managed to meet at eleven o'clock.  Myself and Andy, who, as per normal, was on the trusty BSA Starfire,  managed to arrive without anything falling off or breaking down.

A few bikes lined up at the Royal Oak.                 .  Some strange looking chappie with an equally strange looking bike

Thanks to Malc, from the "Midlands Bulls" forum for the above photographs

    Following a quick petrol stop at Bridgnorth, we headed along the "longest road in the world" - or the B4368 Morville to Craven Arms road to give it its correct name.  The weather was fairly cool, but at least it remained dry, which is always a good thing.  Having paid our entrance fee, we all managed to lose each other, which is about par for the course at these events.

    This show is getting more popular with each year - it had got to the point where the queue for a cuppa was almost as long as the queue to get in the hall.  This made it difficult to walk round looking at the exhibits, and trying for any decent photographs was a waste of time - but I can't think of many better ways of wasting my time.  Just to confuse us folks who had been before, they had changed the 'hand' of the toilets.  The Gents had always been on the right as you go in . . . it's now on the left.  I heard a few surprised cries coming from the old 'Gents'.   I also noticed a lack of very shiny Royal Enfields in there - has Ron sold 'em ?  A few of the regular stalls were also absent, but I still managed to grab a set of panniers for a decent price.

A few photographs

Why does that bike look worried ?

Some kind of flasher admires Bruce's ancient Norton.

I think I'll stick with my 350 single.

I never knew they made a 350 four

Notice how no one ever wants to park next to a Bullet ?

No - I think you'll find they fit on the side

I don't normally post pictures of other men's cocks - but this one's a beauty.

A picture of someone's cock - ooer Missus.

        Having wandered around and taken our fill of classic bikes, and other things of that ilk, it was time to feed.  Now it just so happened that there was a café down the road in Craven Arms - so without further ado, that's where I wound up.  Andy set off in the direction of Much Wenlock, to catch up with a few friends, whilst I took the scenic route around the back of Clee Hill, before heading for home.  

Another good weekend - it was a pleasant change to meet up with a few more Bullet riders - the weather could have been warmer, but at least my waterproofs stayed firmly put - the bike ran as well as it should, and I never encountered a single idiot on the road . . . . now that must be a first.    Here's to the next one. 



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