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They'll never find me in here.

Pet food run. November 30th.  2002.

    Like all best laid plans, things didn't get off to a great start - start being the optimum word.  I made sure the trailer was all ready, but never gave a thought to checking the trike - it * always * starts, despite living outside.  Just to prove a point, the thing didn't so much as light the ignition warning light.  Serious flat battery time.  Luckily, my other trike fired up with no problem at all, so after swapping the number plate over on the trailer I headed off to the Port 'N' Ale and met up with the others.  We took a slight detour because of the traffic, but we still ended up at the Merlin, in Bromsgrove with enough time to grab a welcome cup of coffee before we set off for the auction rooms in Bridgnorth.  The rain wasn't all that bad, and considering it's the end of November, it wasn't too cold.
    I didn't count the number of bikes that turned up, but it seemed a lot less than the last pet food run I went on, and the weather on that one was just as bad.  ( details can be found HERE )  I must say, the food & drink that had been laid on was excellent - we really could have done with a few more bodies to help eat it all . . . so bear that in mind next time folks.

    It's a dog's life

The organizations that were receiving the "goodies" were;
Rose Cottage cat rescue - which is one of those places I'd ridden past dozens of times and never really noticed it was there, if you know what I mean.
Cuan House wildlife rescue - and Greyhound Rescue ( West of England ).
    The Greyhounds were indeed the "stars of the show" - everywhere you looked there was one lurking.  I have a sneaky feeling that some of the sandwiches just may have found their way inside these dogs.
    Now - here's something I bet you'd never hear me say.

" Why not get someone a Greyhound for Christmas ? "

    Now before you all nail me for being irresponsible, and rightly so too, read on.
They say a dog is for life, not just for Christmas - and I agree wholeheartedly, but why not sponsor a dog for Christmas ?  Simply click HERE  ( EDIT - original link no longer works  ) and take a look at the Greyhound Rescue website. . . . it doesn't cost a lot, and it's a lot easier than trying to wrap a real live Greyhound up and bunging it under the tree.  I wonder how many MAG members will be getting a surprise present this year ?

    Having said our goodbyes, a few of the more intrepid ( stupid ? ) types decided to "make a day of it" and took the scenic way home, via Hampton Loade.

    I'd like to thank the folks at the auction rooms for making us welcome, and feeding us so well, it's just a pity that there wasn't more bikers and more pet food.

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