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The Cemetery.  A place to remember old friends.

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The Cemetery.

Kevin "Bucka" Buckley -  1960 * 2008

Random Ramblings

A tribute to Joey Dunlop. By Kath 3 Dooks

A guide to SHINERSPEAK. By Ken

Amusing Moonshiner Moments

The Moonshiners version of Wacky Races.

The Moonshiners Xmas tree.

The trike gets a new gearbox - and a face lift.

Rally Badges.  Individual rally badges as GIF files.

Start you bugger. A "get you started" guide. Could be useful.

Moonshiners Moving Pictures

Like it says - film clips

Rally Reports.

Like it says on the tin - reports from various rallies.


All Nations.   All Nations MCC

Gerry's last doo

Get a life  Munch Bunch MCC

Wobbly Wolf    Howlin' Wolf MCC

Sword and the stoned    Excalibur MCC


Better Smeg than dead. Smeggin' B.C. May.

Flying Boot. Evicted M.C.C. October.

For Fox Sake. Foxes M.C.C. September.

Four Kippers of the Apocalypse. Penguins M.C.C. November.

Gurt Gallybagger. Wight riders M.C.C. May.

Heart of England. M.A.G. July.

Mad March Hare. Three Spires M.C.C. April.

Motorcamping D'N Toerstop. Our little trip around Europe.......sort of......ish.

Navigation. Navigators M.C.C. July.

Pissed as a Parrot. Parrots R.C. November.

Principles. Principles R.C. June.

Shatterford 21st anniversary rally. Shatterford and district M.C.C. March.

Ugly Grub's Ball. Grubs M.C.C. May.

Wobbly Wolf. Howlin' Wolf M.C.C. August.


Gurt Gallybagger. Wight riders M.C.C. May.

Spring Romp. "Rally Review" magazine. - Lez Lumps. March.

Unplugged. Moonshiners M.C.C. March.

Wobbly Wolf. Howlin' Wolf M.C.C. August.


Augustus. Salford Centurions M.C.C. October.

For Fox Sake. Foxes M.C.C. September.

New year's eve bash. Foxes M.C.C. & Grubs M.C.C. December.

Gurt Gallybagger. Wight riders M.C.C. May.

Heart of England. M.A.G. July.

Principles. Principles R.C. June.

Ringstinger. Grubs M.C.C. May.

Unplugged. Moonshiners M.C.C. March.


Gurt Gallybagger. Wight riders M.C.C. May.

Black Country M.A.G.'s third birthday bash. Black Country M.A.G. May.

Unplugged. Moonshiners M.C.C. March.

Ringstinger. Grubs M.C.C. May.

Principles. Principles R.C. June.

Nine lives. Cunning Stunts M.C.C. July.

Heart of England and demo run.  M.A.G.   July

Wobbly Wolf. Howlin' Wolf M.C.C. September.

For Fox Sake. Foxes M.C.C. September.

Get a life. Munch Bunch M.C.C. September.

Ballsup. Oddballs M.C.C. October.

Black Country M.A.G.'s "Sort of Xmas" rally. Black Country M.A.G. November


Frozen Ballsup. Oddballs M.C.C. February.

"Unplugged" Moonshiners M.C.C. March

Gurt Gallybagger. Wight Riders MCC. May.

"You've been Nabbed 10" N.A.B.D. May

"Ringstinger". Grubs MCC. May.

Black Country MAG's 4th Birthday Bash. Black Country M.A.G. June

Principle's sixth rally. Principle RC. June

Heart of England & Brum demo. M.A.G. July

"For Fox Sake" Foxes MCC. September

"Ballsup rally". Oddballs MCC. September

"Sort of Xmas rally." Black Country M.A.G. November



"Unplugged" Moonshiners M.C.C. March.

"Sheepnaggers" Shatterford M.C.C. March.

"Gurt Gallybagger" Wight Riders M.C.C. May

"You've been Nabbed 11". N.A.B.D. May.

"Ugly Grub Ball" Grubs M.R.C May

"Back from the Dead" Black Country M.A.G May

"Heart of England & Brum demo" M.A.G July

"Tattie Wine" Moonshiners M.C.C. (County Durham ) August.

"For Fox Sake" Foxes M.C.C. September.

"Barf in the Bloo Mug" Otto's Outings. December.


"UNPLUGGED" a chuffin' good rally. Moonshiners. March

"Gurt Gallybagger" Wight Riders M.C.C May  

"Duk-Dik" M.A.G. April

"You've been Nabbed 12th" N.A.B.D May

"Lash at the Loade" T.D.M.C.C. May

"Back from the Dead 2 " BC M.A.G June

"Heart of England" M.A.G July

"Bacon Slicer" Moto Guzzi club G.B. July.

"Tattie Wine" Moonshiners ( Durham) August.

"Zimmer Frame" Past it MCC. August

"Summer Ballsup" Oddballs MCC September

"Toad in the Hole" Toads and Dogends. November


"Unplugged" Moonshiners. March 

"Duk Dik" M.A.G April 

"Gurt Gallybagger" Wight Riders M.C.C. May 

"Stags and Slags" Hednesford M.C.C. May 

"Back from the dead" Black Country M.A.G. May 

"Tattie Wine"  Moonshiners M.C.C.  August 


"Unplugged"  Moonshiners M.C.C. March 

"Stags and Slags"  Hednesford M.C.C.  May 

"Over the edge"  Stan and company. May 

"Drifter rally" UK-DOG. June 

"Bacon Slicer"  Moto Guzzi Club G.B.  July 


"Unplugged"  Moonshiners M.C.C.  March 

"Over the edge"  Stan and Co.  May 

"Drifter rally"  UK-DOG.  June 

"Bacon Slicer"  Moto Guzzi Club G.B.  July 

"Ugly Grub Ball"  Grubs M.R.C.  July 

"Driftin' the Wall"  UK-DOG.  September 


"Frozen Ballsup"  Oddballs MCC.  February 

"Unplugged"  Moonshiners MCC.  March 

"Baby Dragon"  UK-DOG.  April 

"Over the edge"  Stan and Co.  May 

"Ugly Grub Ball"  Grubs M R C.  July 


"Unplugged"  Moonshiners MCC.  March 

"Baby Dragon"  UK-DOG  April

"The Three Amigo's"  VDOG-UK  April 

"Gurt Gallybagger"  Wight Riders MCC  May 

"You've been Nabbed.17th"  N.A.B.D.  May 

"Bogsmasher Ball"  Chopperbuilder.co.uk  June 

"Ugly Grub Ball"  Grubs M R C.  July 

"The Three Peaks"  UK-DOG.  August 

"Hop and Barley"  N.A.B.D. & the Unwanted M.C.C  August 

"Toad in the Hole"  Toads and Dogends R.C.   November 



"Unplugged"  Moonshiners MCC.  March

"Ugly Grub Ball"    Grubs M R C .  July




"Unplugged"  a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March


"Unplugged"  a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March

"Back from the dead"  Black Country MAG.  September


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March

"Ugly Grub Ball"  Grubs MRC.  July

"Summer Ballsup"  Oddballs MCC.  September

"Toadily Wasted"  Toads and Dogends RC.  October


"Unplugged" - a chuffin' good rally  Moonshiners MCC.  March

"Ugly Grub Ball"  Grubs MRC.. July


"A chuffin' good rally"    Moonshiners MCC.   March.


What did the club get up to this weekend ?

Things, other than rallies, at which the Moonshiners made an appearance.

Pet food run. December 1999. To the very place I had my dog from all those years ago.

Fox & Hounds. Stottesdon. February 2000. Glen Woodward's last weekend as gaffer.

Birthday run. March 2000. The sun was out - and so were we. Welsh Borders / Shropshire.

Shady Oak. March 2000. Another of our favourite pubs changes hands.

Jackies Birthday rally. April 2000. An epic seaside trip up and over the Horseshoe Pass.

Principles Easter camping weekend. April 2000. The Principles lay on a damn good weekend.

Ironbridge. May 2000. The first run out on the Big Red Ugly bike.

Engine & Tender camping weekend. May 2000. Come and meet "fun dog three."

Waterfalls. June 2000. The hottest day of the year - so we went to cool down.

Waterfalls - again. June 2000. So good, we came back for more.

Much Marcle steam rally. July 2000. Much puffing and steaming - and traction engines too.

Engine & Tender - again. August 2000. Another stress free weekend.

Llwyngwril - by the seaside - in Wales. August 2000. Quite a most relaxing weekend.

OBG bike show April 2001. At the old Raven cafe - Whitchurch.

Engine & Tender - again. April 2001. Chilly but fun.

Engine & Tender - Bank Holiday. May 2001. Most enjoyable.

Engine & Tender - yet again. June 2001. Glorious sunshine.

Stanford Bridge. June/July 2001. A 'weekend away from it all'

Welland steam rally. July 2001. Too hot for comfort + the Wurzles

Burton MAG toy run. Dec 2001. Too cold for comfort.

Engine and Tender Easter weekend. Mar / April 2002. A relaxing weekend.

The "No Frills" pub July 2002. A nice warm weekend,

Porlock. July 2002. A seaside jaunt.

The Manx Grand Prix. August 2002. Gadding about etc etc.

MAG pet food run. November 2002. MAG goes to the dogs.

Rhayader & the dams. May 2003. A decent weekend

The "No Frills" pub. June 2003. Just lazin' around

Much Marcle steam rally July 2003

Welland steam rally. July 2003

Wistanstow bike show. March 2004

Haberdasher's Arms & the "biker's breakfast" meeting. April 2004

Welland steam rally.   July 2004

Ollie's birthday bash.  June 2004

Pre-65 trial.  January 2005

Wistanstow bike show.  March 2005

Easter camping weekend.  March 2005

Rhayader and the dams.  October 2005

Classic trial.  December 2005

Outings and aboutings - April, May, June 2006

The Bryn Tail lead mine - June 2006

Welland steam rally  -  July 2006

Wales and Porlock - August 2006

Manx Grand Prix - August 2006

Wistanstow bike show  -  March 2007

Rhayader and the E&T - Easter 2007

Rhayader once again  - May 2007

Manx Grand Prix - August 2007

Welland steam rally - September 2007

Wistanstow bike show -  March 2008

A few weekends away - May - June 2008

Pete and Ollie's wedding & Summer Solstice party.  -  June 2008

Welland steam rally.  July 2008

Cold War exhibition  December 2008

Porlock.  May 2009

Rhayader B&B weekend  January 2012

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